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Ramsteiner Str. 10
66882 Spesbach
06371 5941135

Mon - Fri:
09.00 - 18.30 h

Emergency Repairs

Our eyeglass emergency service won't let you down!

Need a last-minute emergency eyeglass repair? We hurry to the rescue! We store over 1000 glasses to enable you in an emergency repair within 2 hours.

Possibilities of the emergency service

  • New production of a completely new pair of glasses
  • Replacement of damaged glass in existing, undamaged frame

Voraussetzungen des Brillen Notdienstes:

  • Repairs are possible within the usual opening hours.
  • Your ophthalmic lens strength is in the range of sph+/- 6.0 cyl -2.0
  • No eye determination (eye test) required

Prices of the emergency service

We only use high-quality, thinly ground plastic glasses. with super anti-reflective coating and hardening (also suitable for drilling goggles).

  • Eyeglasses (pair) 98,- Euro (inkl. Vat.)
  • Repair until the next working day: Free
  • Repair within 2 hours: 49,-Euro (inkl. Vat.)
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