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DreamLens – an innovation

Many people find it hard to life with their amblyopia. They feel limited and impeded in their daily life with glasses or contact lenses. Both are annoying while doing sports, at work or even while watching TV. People who suffer that hard from their eye disease often contemplate a laser eye operation which is very expensive and complicated. It brings some risks and adverse reactions which should not be underestimated. Only a few know about the new technology which can elude the difficult laser eye operation but we know it is possible. That is the reason why we cooperate with DreamLens.

What is DreamLens?

Can you imagine getting cured between nightfall and daybreak? Your eye disease is gone in less than 24 hours and you can leave your contact lenses and glasses at home. And all of that should be possible without a laser operation?

We can confirm that. The magic word is DreamLens. DreamLens are contact lenses you wear at night. While you are sleeping it corrects your cornea with an overnight-orthokeratology to compensate your weaknesses for a period of time.

You only should wear the lenses at night so you can enjoy the next day with full eye power. Of course, the lenses do not correct your cornea forever but we can guarantee that you will not need your glasses and contact lenses for more than 16 hours. If you stop using them at night, your eye disease will come back in its whole magnitude.

Who can use DreamLens?

DreamLens can help you, if you are among the 75 % of people that suffer from a myopia of less than 4,5 dpt and astigmatism. It can help you to enjoy life in its whole beauty. You can go swimming in summer, go for a run and watch TV without annoying glasses or contact lenses.

The perfect service for you

Our specialist for contact lenses will take his time to consult you and give you all information you need if you are interested in DreamLens. He shows you how to use them and take care of them. It is important for us to explain all possibilities and usage instructions to our customers so they get used to their new life without glasses. Curious? Go and make an appointment!

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